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Read: Global History

History of the Americas:

El Salvador:

A Civil Art – The Persuasive Moral Voice of Oscar Romero

Radicalisation of Religious Discourse – Osacr Romero case

The Church and Political Opposition

The US Civil Rights Movement:

  • Historiography

Fairclough (1990) Definition of time and terms etc

Lawson (1991) RRRAAP of CRM history

Rogers (1988) Oral history of the CRM

  • Leadership and the Black Churches

Ammerman (1980)

Calhoun-Brown (1998)

Calhoun-Brown (2000)

Chappell (2004)

Dickerson (2005)

Giggie (2005)

Harwood McClerking McDaniel (2005)

Jelks (2004) Reviews

Johnson thesis (2007)

Johnstone (1969)

Lee (2003)

Mikelson (1990)

Moore (2006) [Catholics]


Nelson Yokley Madron (1973)

Newman (1997)

Newman (1997a)

Turner (2007) Review

Williams (2002)

Willis (2006)

Zola Zola LaRue (1992) [Churches and leadership]

The USA during the Inter-War Years:

Akbar Ahmed_ What is an American_

Amercian Heroes

American Herroes – Columbia’s Path (Fishwick Article)

America’s Heroes – Chaning Models Review (Mann Article)

An American Heritage Course (H Mendenhall Article 1945) – Copy

Building and Investment Patterns in 1920s Chicago (Radford Article)

Business Culture in the 1920s (Glad Article)

Changing Views of Women in the 1920s (Freedman Article)

Hero Worship in America (Klapp article)

Hero Worship in America

Intolerance in the 1920s (Murphy Article)

Jazz and American Culture (Levine article)

Mae West and 1920s Broadway (Hamilton Article)

Myth Memory and the American Outlaw

Organised crime in urban society – Chicago in the 20th century (haller article) links to American dream

Postcards from the first half century (Pastier article) skyscrapers and confidence

Reading the Skylines of American Cities (Ford article) American culture

Review of Fishwick by Davis

Review of Fishwick

Science, Foundations and American Universities in the 1920s (Kohler Article)

Significance of Immigration in the Formation of an American Identity (Vecoli article)

Skyscrapers (Pelli article)

Sport, Public Culture and American Identity

Still the American Century (Cummings article – some good 20s quotes)

Symbols of Mordernity – Automobiles in the 1920s (Brownell Article)

Taking comics seriously (Berger article) – Orphan Annie social character

The American – Making of a New Man (JT Adams Article 1944)

The Concept of America (James Conant Article)

The Life of an Idea – the Significance of Frederick Jackson Turner’s Frontier Thesis (M Ridge Article – identifies national characteristics of Turner)

The Turner Theis – A Historian’s Controversy (JA Burkhardt Article)

The Turner Theis Reexamined (ES Lee Article)

The Turner Thesis – A Problem in Historiography (GM Gressley Article)

The Turner Thesis and the Role of the Frontier in American History (J Pleasants Article)

Varieties of heroes in America (Abrahams article)

What Is An American (Harold Ickes Speech 1941)

Women and Social Dance in the 1920s (Malnig Article) – some good quotes on the 20s generally

Women in the 1920s KKK Movement (Blee Article)

Yankee Blues – Musical Culture and American Identity (McConnell article)


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